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Our custom designed crypto coin payment gateway service built on wordpress with our own unique plugins. This service can process bitcoin and other crypto payments and payout directly to the merchant all in real-time. Popular shop systems like WooCommerce and OpenCart can use NodePay to handle crypto payments and process users orders.


We designed this system from scratch! CoinSyS is an investment portal for customers investing Bitcoin in a shared fund. CoinSyS tracks users accounts and investments and the price of Bitcoin 24/7. CoinSyS allows its users to track investment in the fund and generate PDF reports as well as automated monthly reports.


Our AutoTrader PHP bot built on wordpress as a custom plugin connects to various crypto market API's and allows you to trade automatically. Set bot paramiters connect it to your trading accounts and let the bot trade for you. Our unique algorythm can detect price changes and losses and act accordingly between the markets to buy & sell at the right place at the right time.

Community Coin

As we have been involved with so many bitcoin and crypto projects as its a fresh new market and not many dependable systems out there yet we decided to launch our own community crypto coin to give rewards back to our community members. You can mine and masternode our coin to earn rewards and much more.

MOTdb Vehicle Application

A Stand-alone, WordPress plugin install and bespoke API access to the vehicle MOT database. FREE licence for upto 5 searches daiily.

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Code Protection

Protecting, Licening & Encrypting customers code. Stopping people changing your code or stealing your functions! No programming skills required we can encrypt a ZIP and your code is protectec...

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