Euro Payout System

  • Euro payout are now enabled on all orders on or after 1st October 2018.
  • You can convert your MB8 reward tokens to euro's at the current exchange rate of 5:1. Login to your dashboard and goto your "Payment Reward History".
  • You have 30 days from the day of the reward transaction to choose to convert those tokens to euro's, so only orders after 01/10/2018 and within 30 days can apply.
  • We process our payments weekly on a Sunday, the cut-off is 23:00 BST. Invoices for the weeks payouts will be generated and emailed at this point.

A transaction that is applicable to be converted to euro's will have a new button displayed in your reward history page.
Convert Order To Euro
A transaction that is not valid to be converted to euro will have a "red" icon attached to it. This means the time period to convert these tokens has expired.
Cannot convert
Once you have requested a transaction to be converted to euro you will see a pending status with the euro value due for payout.
Pending Payment
Once the weekly payment schedule has performed it's tasks, generated invoices and sent payment requests you will be able to download your invoice with details of payment due to you.
Download Invoice

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