Admin Settings Explained

RPC IP/Host:
This is the IP/Hostname of the NODE we are connecting to your Alt-Coin

RPC Port:
The port we are making the connection to RPC on. Check your .conf file.

RPC User:
The username credentials for securing connection to your RPC. Check your .conf file.

RPC Password:
The password credentials for securing connection to your RPC. Check your .conf file.

Staking Node:
If the coin you are using is a staking node and you would like to share the staking rewards with users, enable Staking Node.

Staking Share:
0 - 100% - How much of the staking rewards to share with users, if less than 100 the any unshared rewards goto your holding account.
If set to zero no staking rewards are distributed to users, you get 100% of the staking rewards and it remains in the master account.

Withdraw Wallet:
If staking share is < 100% you get the remaining balance in your holding account, once your holding account reaches a threshhold,
the CRON will auto payout your rewards/coins to this wallet address. MUST be a valid coin wallet address on the blockchain.

Auto Payout:
This is the threshold of coins in your holding account before the system will auto payout coins to your withdraw wallet.
We recommend you set this at a reasonable amount, setting it to zero will auto payout everytime there are coins going in.

Withdrawal Fee:
This is not a blockchain transaction fee nor is it related. This is simply a site fee, we can charge a small fee to the users for cashing out coins from there wallets.
Also as your node incurrs charges for sending coins over the network its a good idea to charge the user to cover these transaction fees. If you set it to zero you will pay the transaction fees instead of the user.

Coin Name:
The abreviation (short name) of your coin for example Bitcoin is BTC, Litecoin is LTC, Altcoin it ALT.... Name your coin.

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