Leader-Board & Your Score

The new MB8 Referral System Leader-Board....

To build up your FINAL score and climb up the ranks in our Leader-Board we split our score system into 3 score points.

  • SHARE Points
  • SALES Points

These 3 scores together combined give your FINAL score and place in the #Ranks. You are ranked out the overall number of users.

REPUTATION Points - Can be earned when users that you have invited to buy or sign up under your referral code accept your invite and sign up. You also earn half points when users under you also gain points.

SHARE Points - Can be earned every time you send out a new unique invite such as sharing your referral code or direct sales link via our email share system. You also earn half points when users under you share there codes and links.

SALES Points - Are earned when you are linked to sales by either users under you or users under your users. Points are based on the size of MB8 Tokens sold. 1000 MB8 tokens sold = 1 SALES point for you and 0.5 points for those above you.
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